Pita Bread Automatic Line Rotary Rack Oven Automatic Tunnel Oven Manakish Oven Kitchen Equipment Supermarket ُEquipment Refrigeration

Pita Bread Automatic Line

Developed Bread line operating by the most advanced mechanical and electronic systems to produce highly qualified Arabic Loaf

Rotary Rack Oven

The latest design principles for great baking, safety, economy and long lasting reliability

Automatic Tunnel Oven

Advanced oven for baking manakish, pizza, and pita bread with high efficiency and production rate

Manakish Oven

Highly qualified firebrick-built oven designed with excellent insulation to decrease fuel consumption

Kitchen Equipment

Full collection of kitchen equipment : Fryers, Grills, Gas stove... in addition to Bar equipment.

Supermarket ُEquipment

Shelves, Trolleys, Refrigerators, Accessories...


Supplier of many kinds of industrial refrigerators and freezers including cold room, upright, bench, undercounters,blast chillers,...

Baher Est Mission

Started in 1985, by the Director Mechanical Engineer Sami Baher, manufacturing automatic pita bread line, rotary oven in addition to restaurant equipment. The company has a factory that manufacture the most advanced and developed mechanical ovens (full automatic Arabic bread oven, semi automatic Arabic bread oven, and Rotative oven) that operate by the most advanced mechanical and electronic systems, to provide for its clients the best loaf produced in a short time and minimum number of workers needed. In addition to that, the company manufactures all kinds of refrigerators (chocolate, meat, vegetables, ice cream…).

Latest Product
Automatic Tunnel Oven

Bakery & PastryManakish Ovens

This oven type is designed to provide the most efficient use of fuel, while being easy to control. Together with fully flexible Top & Bottom heat controls above and below the baking band provides ideal and precise baking conditions, including even bake across and down the oven bake chamber.